Delicious Fruit from Stepover Apple Trees

Stepover apples trees are some of the best plants you can add to your garden. These unique plants are small, only growing a maximum of 18 inches. They are great options for walkways and garden beds. These small trees have branches close to the ground and produce small apples. There are many different varieties of stepover apples to enjoy. Some of the most popular include Saturn, Kidds Orange Red, Spartan, Scrumptious, Winter Gem, Worcester, Tydemans Late Orange, Lord Lambourne, Gala and Empire. is one of the best providers to buy stepover apple trees from. Their quality and growing techniques are excellent, making them a premier UK provider. CRJ offers over 40 different varieties of stepover apple trees.

How to Buy Fruit Trees for Your Garden: The Finest Quality

Fruit trees add life, color, and fragrance to your garden. They are a wise investment for the future. The trees will continue to produce fruit for many years to come. With the right care and environmental conditions, you can work towards a bountiful garden, starting with just one tree. There are many benefits of small, dwarf apples. These types of apples are easy to maintain and require low maintenance. They are usually referred to as an ornamental accent to your veggie garden or fruitful hedge. These types of apples must be grown on dwarfing rootstock and produce fruiting spurs. The tree could grow too large if not grown on drawing rootstock. In some cases, the tree could grow as tall as chest-height. The tree was cultivated as a dwarf tree; therefore, it is not supposed to grow very tall. They require heaps of mulch and frequent watering in the summer.

This type of espalier tree is extremely versatile and can adapt to most gardens, even with limited space. In most cases, this type of tree will begin fruiting in its second year of life, given the right environmental conditions. Furthermore, growing other vegetables nearby can enhance the tree. This includes beetroots, lettuce, and parsley. As the vegetables require soil fertility and high moisture concentration, the apples can grow easier. This is why placing these plants together can help your garden grow quicker and stronger than ever before.

You are sure to find a variety you love with many different options. Gardens should be diverse and full of color. Each stepover apple variety has a specific flavor, aroma, color, and shape.